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ReiMom is available for coaching and consulting. Having helped numerous new investors navigate the fundamentals of flipping and rental real estate, she is happy to be a guide and support through the nitty gritty details involved in evaluating, funding, purchasing, renovating, adding value, renting, and selling real estate investments. 

Mentorship & J/V Opportunities


Many new investors starting out, find that they need more than information! They want hands-on experience and learn best by doing. ReiMom is available to partner on your first deal or several deals to help ensure your success and exponentially increase your knowledge and confidence in the lifecycle of a real estate investment.

Networking Events


ReiMom is a cofounder of a real estate investing meetup network of like minded women rocking real estate! From newbies to seasoned real estate investors, we want to support, teach, and encourage other women to excel in real estate and in life. Join our Rei Like A Girl meetups & events! www.reilikeagirl.com


Brad - Central PA

"As new real estate investors, my wife and I had our worries. Anna provided us with in depth knowledge, and honest feedback during all phases of the purchase process. From determining a properties financial value during the pre-purchase, to pointing out structural and cosmetic issues during the walk-through, and screening prospective new tenants, Anna expertise is top notch. Her assistance has uncomplicated the investing process. After owning a 3 unit property for only seven months, we are preparing for our second purchase." 

Aaron - North CarOLINA

"I have known Anna since the late 90's as we were both active in the same church in Houston.  In the early 2000's, she and her family moved back to her husband's hometown in Pennsylvania so we lost touch.  In 2013, I reconnected with Anna through LinkedIn and in catching up she told me about her real estate investments.  I had always been interested in real estate but didn't really know how to start.  After talking with Anna (and finding the right property) I felt very comfortable in us going in together to purchase a four-plex in Pennsylvania (in 2014).  All I did was supply money for the down payment and Anna took care of the rest.  That was one of the better financial decisions that I have made in my life!  In late 2017, we refinanced the four-plex and bought two more properties with the money we cashed out.  All three properties are cash flow positive and we are working to purchase a fourth as I write this!  Anna has been great to partner with, as she answers every question I have had and communicates clearly on a level that's understandable for me.  The bottom line is that thanks to Anna my net worth has increased significantly since 2014 ."

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